See why Janney & Janney chose LegalConnect’s legal support solution for all of its services – physical court filing, eFiling, service of process, and more, and achieved greater visibility, efficiencies and a superior customer experience.

The legal industry is in the midst of a digital transformation. More courts are implementing court case management systems with electronic filing (eFiling). More law firms are eFiling their documents and deploying technology solutions to automate, go paperless, and better serve clients.

Recognizing this rapidly changing environment, Janney & Janney decided it had no choice but to digitally transform its business — both to protect what it had built over the past 40 years as well as continue to grow and stay relevant
in today’s digital world. The answer for Janney & Janney was LegalConnect, a software-as-a-service solution specifically built for the legal support services industry.


The Transformation

Enhancing a business with technology solutions isn’t just about the technology, but about new ways of thinking and getting things done. Janney & Janney embraced this challenge and while it hasn’t been easy, within months from launching LegalConnect, they realized significant benefits. The Company was able to move quickly to make the necessary business changes with the help of its partner, LegalConnect, a partner that truly understands the industry and has added real value during the transition.


LegalConnect, the Solution

LegalConnect combines deep industry knowledge with technology expertise, reflecting a vision to seamlessly connect the entire legal community for electronic document and information exchange. Janney & Janney implemented the full LegalConnect suite of services, from online sign-up to invoice, with features to manage customers, all order types including eFiling and eService, a PCI compliant payment gateway, documents, affiliates, reporting and integration to QuickBooks online. LegalConnect is hosted at a world class hosting facility so Janney & Janney and its customers can depend on its high performance and security. In addition, the LegalConnect technical and operations teams fully support the LegalConnect solution and the Janney & Janney operations team.

Solution Overview

Company: Janney & Janney

Product: LegalConnect Software-as-a-Service

Industry: Attorney Services

Organization Size: Mid-size

LegalConnect provides visibility into our business like never before, from new accounts to accounts receivable to cash flow. The LegalConnect team truly gets our business and helped make the transition much easier to navigate.

— Steve Janney, President, Janney & Janney

About Janney & Janney

Janney & Janney has been providing clients with great legal support for over 40 years! We take pride in setting a high standard of professional and efficient service. Janney & Janney has been active in the growth of the legal support industry, both in the state of California, as well as throughout the United States. Janney & Janney is a member of the California Association of Legal Support Professionals (CALSPro), and a founding member of the National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS).


Visibility, Data Insights

LegalConnect increases business and financial reporting and insights for Janney & Janney through the online capture and access to data. Since the Company’s launch of LegalConnect in March 2016, Janney & Janney has gained greater visibility into its business including the number of orders placed by customers, orders by job types, advancement of court and witness fees, accounts receivable (e.g., the reduction of its outstanding accounts receivable balances and the aging of AR balances going from months to a matter of days as a result of LegalConnect’s secure payment gateway for credit card and ACH payments), cash flow, profitability of a customer relationship and more. With this greater visibility, Janney & Janney is now able to make better business decisions, minimize risk, and accelerate cash flow.

Superior Customer Experience

The Company is seeing long standing customer relationships strengthened through LegalConnect, as LegalConnect delivers a consistent, easy to use experience at each touch point, from ordering to fulfillment to billing. LegalConnect has been well received by Janney & Janney customers and instrumental in generating new customers. Since its launch, 93% of orders are now being placed by customers online in LegalConnect, there has been a 300% plus growth in the number of customer users who have placed an order online, and more than 1700 new accounts have signed up.

Greater Efficiencies & Productivity

In order to protect and grow its business, Janney & Janney also sought to achieve greater efficiencies and productivity in its operations. By eliminating or reducing certain manual processes (e.g., data entry), and providing customers a superior experience through a self-serve model, Janney & Janney is now able to reallocate and optimize resources to deliver greater value to the Company and its customers.

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