Los Angeles Civil eFiling Status

Below is a list of questions, known issues and workarounds.  Please check this page frequently for updates.


Last UpdateDescriptionStatusNotes
12/12/18Prejudgment Claim of Right to PosessionPendingThis document cannot be electronically filed at this time. We are working to resolve this issue. Estimate for fix is 12/21.
12/12/18Cross-ComplaintsPendingIn specific scenarios, some cross-complaint parties may not appear in your filing. We are working with the court to correct this issue.
Estimated fix on 12/21/18.
12/12/18Application for and Renewal of Judgment & Writ - ReturnPendingThe following documents may not be filed at this time, due to a court configuration issue. We are working with the court to resolve this.

Application for and Renewal of Judgment
Writ - Return

Estimate for fix is 12/21.
12/12/18Metadata Errors on Subsequent FilingsPendingSome filers may receive the following errors on subsequent filings: "Party is missing last name." or "Party is missing address."

This is an issue with the court's data on your case.

For Civil Unlimited cases, please paper file at the court.
For Civil Limited cases, please contact support with your case number so we can work with the court to resolve.
12/12/18Fee WaiversPendingFee waiver requests on subsequent filings are currently not working. (Fee waivers on case initiation filings are ok.) We are working with the court to address this.

Estimated fix on 12/14/18
12/12/18Answers - Missing "Filed By"PendingSome filings may be rejected if an Answer is submitted without "Filed By" info included. This is a court configuration issue, and we are working with the court to resolve.

Estimated fix on 12/14/18
12/11/18Application for entry of Judgment Sister-State JudgmentResolvedThis document may now be eFiled for 'Sister State Judgment' case types.
12/5/18Small ClaimsPendingPlease note that small claims cases are not currently supported.
12/4/18Civil Unlimited Subsequent FilingsResolvedUsers are currently unable to submit Subsequent filings for LASC Civil Unlimited cases.

This issue has been resolved.
11/28/18Sealed CasesPendingSealed cases are not currently searchable. We are working with the court to resolve.
11/28/18EFMFiling_Validate ErrorPendingUsers may (rarely) see this error when eFiling. We are working with the court to understand and resolve this.

If you encounter this error, please contact Customer Support at support@legalconnect.com
11/28/18Closed CourthousesResolvedUsers are currently unable to submit subsequent filings against a case originally assigned to a now closed courthouse. (Example: San Pedro Courthouse)

This issue is resolved.
11/21/18Memorandum of CostsResolvedSome courts are erroneously rejecting "Memorandum of Costs" filings if it is missing the "Interest Amount". This occurs mostly with the Norwalk courthouse. This is a training issue, which the court has addressed.
11/19/18Self-Represented PartiesResolvedFilers may encounter an error when filing a first answer, while the filer is a self-represented party. We are working with the court on a fix and will update the system shortly.

This issue is resolved.

Note that the court doesn't mandate self-represented litigants to electronically file documents.
11/16/18Certain Documents Missing Additional InformationResolvedThe court requires filers to provide supporting information for all documents being filed. You may receive a filing error asking you to provide "Document Metadata". We are aware of this and are working with the court to update their systems.

In these scenarios, you may have to submit a physical court filing order until the court corrects the issue.

11/16/18AnswersResolvedFilings with Answers may occasionally be rejected by the court. This occurs when no new attorneys or self-represented parties are added to the filing.

11/13/18Document Upload [Object] ErrorResolvedFilers may encounter an [Object, object] error when uploading a document. We are currently working on this fix and will update the system shortly.
11/12/18Jury FeesAnsweredTo pay/include Jury Fees, please include a "Notice of Jury Fees" or "Notice of Deposit - Jury" document in your filing. The court will automatically assess the appropriate jury fees.
11/09/18Court Reporter FeesAnsweredPaying for Court Reporter Fees is not currently supported when eFiling. We are working with the court to address this. In the meantime, please submit a physical court filing order.
11/09/18Conditionally Under SealAnsweredFilers will have an option to request a filing as "Conditionally Under Seal". LegalConnect saves this information and submits it to the court. Los Angeles Clerks will ultimately determine if a new case falls within permissible statutes and have the ability to remove the condition in the EFM.