The time is now.

A lack of automation increases a company’s dependence on paper. Even worse – manual, paper-based business processes negatively impact revenue, cost, compliance, and productivity. Fortunately, today the industry is undergoing a transformation that is enabling courts and law firms to move more aggressively towards going paperless. As they do, why shouldn’t you? With LegalConnect, now you can. We help the forward-thinking attorney service provider spend less time pushing paper and more time delivering better service to its customers, growing its customer base, and achieving greater efficiency and value.

Modernize. Automate. Grow.

LegalConnect provides a single, secure online system for all of the tools you need to manage your company and get customer work done. As a fully online system, it uses automation and software to create and deliver electronic documents, e-sign documents and auto-generate work orders to help you move legal documents faster and more accurately. Plus, your competitors are either already online or are going online – don’t risk falling behind.

Take action and reap the rewards.

Recent studies have shown that companies that use electronic workflows to close the gap between front-office (customer-facing) and back-office (supporting) business processes experience many advantages. LegalConnect streamlines, coordinates and connects everything you need to efficiently run your company and reduce your reliance on paper-based processes. By using a solution like LegalConnect, you can reap enormous benefits such as:



increase in revenue



cost reduction



risk reduction

*Source: IDC/Adobe

Protect your business and gain the power to grow.

With LegalConnect, as the industry evolves, you can evolve with it to stay relevant and better compete. As a comprehensive, all-in-one solution, LegalConnect provides access to eFiling & eService, an interconnected partner network and seamlessly integrates with payment gateways and QuickBooks Online. Plus, we make LegalConnect agile and adaptable to scale with you as you grow.

We are changing the way attorney service providers grow and compete by enabling their digital transformation.

Let us show you how.

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