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Fee Waiver Functionality

LegalConnect Service Fee Waiver Functionality

As a LegalConnect Service Provider, we wanted to inform you about a new fee waiver functionality that has been added to LegalConnect. Following are details about how the functionality affects Fee Waiver Accounts and Regular Accounts

Fee Wavier Accounts

  • Fee Waiver Accounts may now be created by public users.
  • A Payment Guarantee is not required for these account types.
  • eFiling transactions will require the user to upload a Request to Waive Court Fees unless otherwise indicated by the court’s case data.
        • If the court’s case data indicates the filer has a fee waiver on file, the system will not prompt the user to upload the Request to Waive Court Fees.
  • If a Fee Wavier Account attempts to place a physical transaction (Physical Court Filings, Service of Process, etc.) the portal will require the filer to add a payment guarantee upon selecting said physical transaction type.
  • If a Fee Waiver Account attempts to place an eFiling transaction into a case where a fee waiver is not present, the system will prompt for payment information.


Regular Accounts

  • If an eFiling transaction is returned by the court indicating a fee waiver was used, LegalConnect will not charge any services to partners and no invoice will be generated for the filer.


If you have any questions, please contact us.


— The LegalConnect Team