Become a fulfillment partner for companies using LegalConnect

Today, more than 40,000 orders are placed each month on LegalConnect®. Join the AffiliateConnectTM Program and grow your business by receiving orders from multiple affiliates on the LegalConnect® network. You can also work fast with the easy-to-use LegalConnect® mobile app that connects you with multiple attorney services. All this with greater visibly and control over your business and commissions.


AffiliateConnect Program Highlights

  • Receive orders from multiple Attorney Services using LegalConnect®
  • Our mobile app will send you notifications designed to help manage your workload by providing you with a nightly summary of pending orders and alerting you when new orders are dispatched to you
  • Manage orders, including accepting new orders, receiving status updates, executing orders, signing proofs, and uploading conformed copies
  • Receive weekly commission sheets from your Affiliates that dispatch work to you on LegalConnect®
  • Do all this and more from your desktop or the LegalConnect® mobile app

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